Backyard Butler Service

Our exclusive Backyard Butler service was created for homeowners who love their exterior living areas as much as they enjoy the comforts of a clean home. A seamless transition from your home to your outdoor space is making the backyards more enjoyable for homeowners while adding value to the home. To help achieve that seamless transition, Trajan HomeServices offers. We offer an exclusive serviced called the Backyard Butler that will help you effortlessly transition your dusty backyard into an impressive open-air oasis of relaxation and entertainment. Our Backyard Butlers will clean and maintain your exterior living spaces by wiping away the desert dust from all patio furniture, table tops, and countertops leaving these areas clean and ready to enjoy. Exterior kitchens are sanitized and treated to a special touch of polishing all stainless steel to a beautiful shine. Your exterior shower and bathroom areas are cleaned and sanitized. Firepit and family areas such as playgrounds can be wiped clean of dust and sticky fingers. Debris is swept or blown away removed as well as removing any standing water. Let our Backyard Butlers help you seamlessly transition into your backyard oasis.