Getting Ready for Spring


Once the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, the winter months tend to lose their appeal and we long for the warmth of the coming months. Spring is the perfect time of year to begin seasonal cleaning and get your home and property prepped for the warmer months.  To enjoy this season and all its blooming wonders, here are a few tips to help get your home and property ready for spring. 


Regular landscaping maintenance services offer a great solution to keeping up on the curb appeal of your home. Maintenance crews can clear debris while maintaining the strict watering schedule. If you are not already having your landscaping regularly services, schedule a one- time landscape clean-up to clear out debris and trim overgrowth. Have them check your irrigation system for proper programming and check for any leaks or wasteful watering. It is important to have plants and shrubs trimmed back during winter months to help prepare them for new growth in the spring. Make sure your lawn care specialist applies the proper fertilizer to grass, trees, flowers and shrubs to maximize growth, then sit back and enjoy the blooms. 

Pressure Washing

Most of us don’t think much about a clean driveway until those pesky HOA letters show up reminding us that the daily parking space is actually an unsightly eyesore once the cars are moved. High-pressure steam cleanings can take care of anything from basic cleaning of darkened walkways to heavily stained driveways. Darkened walkways are often due to nearby sprinklers constantly dripping or spraying water which causes it to darken over time. Sometimes it may be a white calcium build up called efflorescence, which is primarily due to the hard water here in the Las Vegas valley. 

Window Washing 

After the harsh winter months, the windows of our home tend to get murky. Cleaning the glass and letting the sunshine in can brighten a home. Be mindful of harsh chemicals or materials that can scratch windows or leave streaks. A simple mixture of hot water, vinegar, and a microfiber rag are all you need. Window cleaning professionals usually offer interior and exterior cleaning services. Exterior cleaning should include the cleaning of window screens as well. Window tracks can be tricky to clean. Using the same mild cleaning solution mentioned above, wrap a cotton ball around the end of the pencil to gain access to these tight spaces. Be sure to follow up with a dry cotton ball to prevent any excess water from promoting mold growth.

Backyard Butler

Exterior living spaces have been growing rapidly in popularity. The backyard is no longer designated to pets and children but has instead become an extension of home entertaining. Our unique service caters to homeowners who enjoy the comforts of their interiors as much as their exteriors. Our Backyard Butlers offer an exterior cleaning service that performs such tasks as banging out dust from exterior pillows and cushions, wiping down patio furniture, polishing stainless steel, and moping exterior tiling. Find out more about how this service can be customized to your properties needs. 

Pest Control

Food and water are the essentials of life, and this fact is no different for pests and vermin. During the spring months, these little pests emerge homeless, hungry, and ready to mate. Keep a tidy property by clear away overgrowth and debris as well as checking for wasteful watering, can help deter pests from taking up residency. Schedule a basic pest control prevention treatment to have sprayed throughout the home and property to prevent infestations. 

Air Filters

Although it is recommended to change HVAC air filters every month or two, it is one of the most overlooked tasks of spring cleaning. Your HVAC unit works overtime during winter and summer months to keep your living spaces comfortable. Clogged or dirty air filters can slow airflow, cause undue stress on the units and increase energy expenses. Changing air filters regularly can help trap dust and pollen that otherwise circulate throughout our homes. Many times this task is overlooked simply because it is hard to reach, requiring the use of a step stool or ladder. For homeowners who prefer to pass on maintenance chores that require heavy lifting or high places, we have a Home Maintenance Technician that can tackle simple yet difficult tasks such as changing hard to reach light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries.